Bookkeeping with Receipt Bank

Transform the way you do business

Software that helps you work smarter

Capture, store and keep track of your business receipts, bills, invoices and bank statements with Receipt Bank’s award-winning technology. Start expensing more, paying less tax and saving vital hours in your week.

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Step 1

Snap It

Use your phone to snap and extract all the important data, and then scrap the physical copy. Simple and paperless!

Step 2

Send It

Upload bills, receipts, invoices and bank statements on-the-go from your phone, laptop or email account, before connecting your accounting software via our seamless integration.

Step 3


The time you’d usually spend on your financial admin? You’ve just won it back. Now you’re free to focus on what really matters — like growing your business.

Wipe out tedious data-entry – for good

You didn’t get into business to hoard crinkled bits of paper and spend hours typing them into spreadsheets. Receipt Bank scans all the information on-the-go with pinpoint accuracy, storing and organising the data using a mix of AI and human sorting.

Effortlessly update your books with AI

Receipt Bank uses machine learning to tailor bookkeeping to your business needs. Connect with leading cloud accounting platforms – such as Xero, Sage and QuickBooks – to unlock automated publishing and automated transaction matching for quick-fire reconciling.

Stay on top of your finances

Thinking about your accounts doesn’t need to be daunting. Receipt Bank’s features and functions are designed to keep things simple and stress-free – meaning you can focus your energy on what you’re good at: running your business.

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