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Your customers search for products and services using the web, the questions is - can they find your business online?

To help solve this, LAUNCHPAD offer a very competitively priced service which includes accounts, website, email and hosting all-in-one!

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Reliable, secure hosting

Partnered with SiteGround

We've partnered with SiteGround to offer market-leading hosting and email as part of your monthly subscription.

Build your Own

Simple, easy to use Site Builder Included!

You can build just about anything using WordPress. With thousands of themes and plugins, anyone can access the features and functionalities they need to achieve their goals. But for a person just starting out, all the options can be overwhelming. Rather than be a source of inspiration, the choices can become a blocker to launching that brand new site.

To solve this problem, all our packages offer the WordPress Starter plugin that takes the confusion out of building a new WordPress site.

The plugin walks you through a curated number of themes and the most common site features so you can choose exactly what you need and launch your website more quickly.

Get email for business

Professional Email

Email Addresses for your business

Many small businesses rely on services such as GMail or Hotmail to communicate to their customers. This tends to look a little unprofessional.

We offer professional email address which are partnered to your own domain. We can even help you with email forwarding to connect your emails to your existing addresses.

Our Web Design Services

Let us build a website for your business

We understand that some businesses want their website to be a little more special or just don't have the time to create one. That's why we also offer bespoke website building services at incredibly competitive prices...

We're here to help businesses get control of their website
Built for your business

Our in-house design team can build a website which is tailored to your specific needs.

We're here to help businesses get control of their expenses
Built to save you time and money

There are many businesses who don't have the time to build a complex, high performing website while also running their business. 

We know that the options out there can be very daunting, that's why our experienced, knowledgeable team are here to help you.

We're here to help businesses with SEO
Built for SEO

Our team can make sure your site is optimised for SEO, giving you the best opportunity to get ranked organically and noticed!

We're here to help businesses get control of their accounts
Built for e-commerce

Building an online shop can be difficult, even for those who may be experienced. Our developers have a proven track record of setting up online stores which link to payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe and GoCardless and are here to help you.

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